Scraps!  You cannot quilt and sew without generating them.  You probably paid good money for the yardage too.  Does that make them like that old coffee ad “good to the last drop?”  Can you find ways to use them?  How small do they have to get before you toss them or better yet, use them for stuffing pet bedding?  My answer would be no smaller than 1 1/2 inches if I can help it as my machine “eats” them and my fingers cannot stabilize things when they get too small.  I know someone who was a member my local quilt group who mails out boxes of scraps to another member of our group a couple times a year because Lois is the scrap queen.  That is one solution, I guess, but even Lois needs some inspiration now and then!

Jill recently presented a program with suggestions of how one can use your scraps.  Here are some of her examples:

Jill examples of what you can do with scraps

 This article from an old Quiltmaker magazine provides some good suggestions of how to combine the pieces in a pleasing manner.

Jill's program on things you can do with your scraps!

Word has it, the members headed to the retreat at Shocco Springs this weekend are to collect a gallon ziploc bag of their scraps to swap out at the retreat.  Then they are to make “at least one” 12  inch finished block using the contents!  Sounds like a challenge to me!    It will  be interesting to see what they come up with.  I know Beth will be taking pictures so perhaps I can share a shot with you for YOUR inspiration later.


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