Donation quilt form update


Please note that the donation quilt form has been changed up a bit. The new form has been posted on the donation quilt tab here on the web page for your convenience in both Word doc format and a pdf version.

Please use this one for submitting your “ABC or first letter of your first name” challenge quilts tomorrow at the July 12, 2014 meeting and any subsequent donation quilts.

The challenge quilts, however, will be going to Project Linus. In fact, the coordinator will be coming to accept the completed quilts after our show and tell portion of the meeting.

Also those quilts should have a Friendship Quilters label on them; Shelia kindly made up a bunch of them and passed out at the June meeting. You didn’t get one? Guess you better plan on bringing a needle and thread along with you!! Think we quilters can come up with either of those items?

Your webmistress will get some clarification from the coordinators Naomi and Jackie if all of our quilts need that Friendship Quilters label from here on out and update this note.

Hope to see you there!.


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