Challenge Quilts for 2014



At the January meeting Jill gave out information regarding the first quilt challenge for 2014.  Everyone would take the letter their first name begins with and associate 3 things with it (name of block, colors of fabric, etc.) and make a quilt for Project Linus.  Finished quilts will be due at the May meeting.  Using Jill’s recently shared quilt as an example, she used the block “Jewel Box”, the color “jet black” and there was a Jungle element to it.

Okay, my name is Linda so I go with the letter L.  The only quilt blocks that I could come up with, off the top of my head, were Log Cabin and Lemoyne Star!  I really don’t want to make an 8 pointed Star so there must be some other options, right?   Another person with the Letter L might want to do Log Cabin and I want something different.

As for the L colors?  Lilac, lavender, lime green came to mind but do they even go together.  Just what color is lavender supposed to be anyway?  How is that any different from Lilac?  I need a color reference chart or a box of crayons.

Where do you start?  I have BlockBase quilting software and started in the index.  We all know that the same block can have many different names.  Did you know that the block we might all recognize as “Churn Dash” also goes by the names Lover’s Knot, Lincoln’s Platform AND Ludlow’s Favorite??  Hey that has L’s in spades!!  I posted about this on my personal blog even did some quilt mockups that might work for my purposes.

I also made a comment on facebook in a status update.   Kay commented that she needed some ideas for her “K”.  Well, I DID have a couple of link suggestions based on my own morning searching. Perhaps it will help others of you who are trying to get started on your own challenge!


A friend/commenter on my blog sent me this link—–just over-ride the L at the end with your own letter.

BUT just what are those colors??  Scroll down at the examples they use for the colors in nature if you are having trouble visualizing a particular shade OR use ctrl +F and type the name in the search box to zero in.

OR search by color

OR you can pull out the crayon box without getting into all that color theory and those hex decimal, RGB charts but I have a link for that too if you need a color reminder.

Another friend just found me an even better link for an Alphabetical Color List


I know you all don’t have my block library or quilt software at hand but I have a suggestion of where to start!

Quilter’s Cache has alphabetized lists of all their blocks so you don’t have to go through pages and pages of blocks, at last count 60 pages worth.   Pick the link for your letter and then scroll down to

Still can’t find anything you like?  Well email me and I might be able to get a little list together for you from that index!  Here are a few more K block names:  Kaleidoscope, Kate’s Butterfly. Katherine’s Wheels, Kite, King David’s Crown, King’s X, Kitty Corner (another name for a Puss in the Corner) and the list goes on…………….

Quilter’s Cache not giving many options?  Then head over to something like this freebie spot or google for block images for some block names I listed above. (Kitty Corner quilt block, for example)

I hope that helps jump start your creativity and fulfill your obligation to make a minimum of one donation quilt for guild.


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