Donation quilts


An alert reader may note that  Donna and I have both added some new pages to the website.  Donna has put needed forms and information about the quilt show in its own little section.  I just added a page for Donation Quilts.

You may remember from the last newsletter that Erika Moxley has volunteered to take over the vacated post of Prayer Quilt Chairman as Brenda Franklin will be unable to continue.  She requested that we use a different form when we submit a quilt and a picture for historical purposes if possible.

I have put a pdf file on that page (and down below)  that you can download , should you wish to keep your newsletter intact, misplaced the form, need more etc.  I believe that she will have forms at the meeting but this way perhaps you can complete it BEFORE you have to hang that quilt for show and tell!

Remember, once you turn in that required (minimum of one) quilt your name goes in a drawing that month for a special door prize!

Any questions?  Please ask Erika

charity quilt donation form


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