Christmas in August 2013


It won’t be long now!  The Christmas in August sew-in will begin next week Thursday, August 8th and run through Saturday, August 10th.  The sew-in featuring “make it/take it” items recently previewed at our July meeting will be held at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church near Pell City AKA “Florence’s church”.

Those who attended last year know how to get there but some may not.   I am trying to add a link to the google map but let’s just say that wordpress is a whole different animal than the “more familiar to me blogspot”.  So let’s just go with this

Sign in sheets were set out for the various offerings and by now, you should have received a schedule/supply list via email.  In some cases kits are furnished but please verify what else you may need besides a sewing machine in good working order, scissors (paper and sewing)  and generally basic sewing supplies.

In case that email is lost in cyberspace I am including a copy of the document here.    Christmas in August   Note:   this is a Word 97-2003 compatible document so most should be able to open it.   If not, let me know and I’ll upload a pdf instead.

You will note that certain instructors are assigned to certain days but most said that they would be available all three days of the sew-in  so you may be able to work out an alternative plan.

If you forgot which ones you may have signed up for, then you might need to get with Shelia about that!   Also, if you have found that your schedule has changed, you can come now and didn’t sign up let Shelia know.  Can’t come after all?  Same deal.  Antoinette also will need to know for our noontime meals.

Lastly, our normal 2nd Saturday meeting will be held at Mt. Moriah.  No one will be at Glen Center but please come back there on the 2nd Saturday come September!

So mug rugs, infinity scarves, baby changing pads, magic wallets, portfolio covers, microwave cozies and so forth await.  Hope to see you there!


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