Web Resources for Miniature Quilts


As discussed in previous guild meetings, if using a published pattern, please verify compliance with copyright information before submitting the quilt for auction/sale.


The Entry form for your miniature/small quilt projects for the auction
is located here. Print the form and fill out one for EACH quilt
you are donating for the auction.


The following sites provide possible resources for miniature quilt patterns or tips. They are presented in no particular order. As always, have fun with them, but don’t get too attached to your projects. That would make it hard to part with them and we need them for the auction.  🙂

http://www.averyspecialcollection.com/shop/little_bits/page1.htm Little Bits patterns. Some may not be minis. If members want to order patterns, we can “pool” the order to reduce shipping/handling charges.

http://sentimentalstitches.net/free-stuff/midget-blocks/ It has 187 small (4.5 inch) blocks. Think Dear Jane, but not really.




https://www.frommyhearttoyourhands.com/Qstore/Qstore.cgi?CMD=009&DEPT=1195017664&BACK=A0001A1 This site has patterns for sale.

http://www.carolhopkinsdesigns.com/index.htm This site has patterns for sale with Civil War fabrics. Scroll through to find sizes that would work for our auction.

http://www.freequiltpatterns.info/QuiltCategories/FreeMiniatureQuiltPatterns.htm Free patterns for miniature and doll quilts.

http://quilt.com/Foundations/MiniQuilts/MiniGeese/MiniGeese.html Free pattern for flying geese.

http://www.countrylanequilts.com/id30.html Free patterns for small quilts

http://www.allcrafts.net/crochetsewingcrafts.htm?url=www.terriesandelin.com/projects.html Free patterns

http://www.alanandmike.com/miniblocks/ Paper pieced small blocks

http://www.allcrafts.net/quilting/mini-quilts.htm Over 50 free mini patterns

http://www.allpeoplequilt.com/projects-ideas/bags-pillows/doll-quilt_1.html 1930s Doll Quilt

http://www.reocities.com/pcpiecers/romest3.html Roman stripe block (only one on the page)

http://www.freequiltpatterns.info/QuiltCategories/FreePaperPiecedQuiltPatterns.htm Free paper pieced patterns

http://www.quilts.treerats.net/paperpiece.php Free paper pieced patterns

http://www.patchpieces.com/sharingpatch.html Free paper pieced patterns (some may not be mini)

URLs for paper piecing tutorials:




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