Need help with miniatures quilt piecing?


As you know our biannual quilt show has been pushed back to early 2014 (March 8) so as not to be in conflict with other area quilt shows in the fall of 2013.   Led by Donna Nicholson, we will be having a miniature quilt auction in conjunction with the show.

Donna’s sister Mary helped her with a recent program to show us what a miniature quilt is as opposed to a small quilt.  Essentially it is a scaled down version of  larger quilt meaning some of those block sections can be pretty small!

In February she did a program on “tips for piecing a miniature”.    One tip was using triangle piecing papers such as Thangles or Triangles on a Roll because they come in many sizes.  Triangulation software is another option but that is not to say that they cannot be pieced by more conventional methods.

Donna showed a method for piecing half square triangles (HSTs) by using a bias square method.

Program on minatures

Later Jackie sent out a flash email that had several links that Donna and I had found.  I will re-post them here—

Two online sources of free triangle papers:

The first is limited to 1 inch to 2 inch finished:

This is only for sizes 1 inch finished and up to 4 inches finished units 

Be sure to know their instructions for printing these out to be sure of accuracy for YOUR printer.

Donna has a tutorial on her personal blog for the bias strip method that you will find at

I also found another and I am sure there are more!

Stay tuned!   Judy Smith will be sharing her foundation piecing knowledge at the March program.  That is another method often used to make minis.

Linda J


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