Forgive Me!!


Whew!  It has been over three weeks since I’ve posted or updated the site!!  Shame on me!!  The Web Madam has been sooooooooo busy doing other not-nearly-as-much-fun-but-necessary-stuff!!  My sewing machine and I have become estranged.  In fact, she is not sewing up to her potential.  I think she is pouting!  Of course, my neglect may have caused her to catch some kind of machine infection and she may have to go to the machine repair doctor if her performance does not improve.  I have a LOT to do in the upcoming months!  How will I ever get it all done?  One stitch at a time, I suppose!  Anyway, I can’t stay online much longer.  I have to go make-up with our guild president, Peggy, whom I promised to send a completed block for our latest opportunity quilt.  Hmmmm. . .mine is still not finished, but maybe, if I hurry, I can get it done and into her hands before the end of the day today.  Toodles!!


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